About Amber

Hi! I’m Amber

+ Really glad you’re here!


If you knew me as a child, you’d most likely be surprised to see this once shy, in the background kinda girl now living life out loud. Sure, I still don’t crave limelight, and I am still so true to my introverted roots, but there’s really no holding back these days. And I must say, this late found freedom feels nice.

These days I truly live life full of creativity, vision, and love for Jesus. My life, however, has not been one void of heartache. Losing our daughter, Eden Grace, at 32 weeks truly marked and transformed my life forever. It was then that I looked for Jesus in the midst of sorrow and found Him in a very real and tangible way. Soon after, I chose to give God my ashes and He traded me beauty just as He promised. Since losing Eden, areas of my gifting that had been dormant are now alive and being used to carry on her legacy—A legacy of Christ’s beauty expressed through creativity in the form of design, event decor, writing, teaching, and painting.

Watercolor has since become such a passion and has truly been the best therapy. Recently, I wrote + illustrated a children’s book in Eden’s honor, called “The Lost Crown”.

My husband and I Pastor Rock City Church in Corpus Christi, and to us, ministry is a way of life. Nothing tops seeing people find healing and freedom.

One of our favorite ways to build community is through coffee! We opened various coffee shops here in our city named Coffee Waves.  Coffee and Jesus really are my staples.

But, above all else, I love being with my kids–Cadence, age 8 and Zion, age 6. Teaching them at home is my biggest ministry and delight. This teacher heart couldn’t be happier.  

I’m pretty crazy about my family + farm animals.

I love God’s word, creating, and the local church.

I take my coffee iced + black and knowing how you take yours is the beginning of a great friendship.