Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders, what are they really? How would you define or describe them in today’s language? Most of us may be able to tell stories from the Bible about all of the amazing miracles that took place in that time, but if asked if signs and wonders were evident in their lives today, I would guess that most people wouldn’t have a solid answer on the spot.

Looking at some of the various Greek and Hebrew definitions for “Sign and Wonder” will help to get a better understanding.

Wonder –Something so strange or fascinating as to cause to be “observed or watched”. A miracle, a portent, a prodigy (an amazing or unusual thing, especially out of the ordinary course of nature). God makes people into prodigies!

Sign – A mark or token that distinguishes a person or thing from others.

After reading and thinking on these definitions, I immediately thought of how we, as Christians, should be a “sign and wonder” to everyone around us. Our lives should be so remarkable, so full of love, joy, freedom and solid faith that others can’t help but to “observe or watch” our lives. We should be “a token that distinguishes a person from others”.

If we really examine our lives, would there be anything that as a Christian sets us apart? Are we ok with possibly being viewed as ‘an unusual person, or out of the ordinary” by others? When tragedy or extremely hard times come, do we react like someone who isn’t in relationship with the Lord? Or do we stand firm in our faith, never wavering from the truth and love we have in Him?

But, besides us as Christians being a “sign and wonder” to the world around us, there is also the fact that in order to really come alive, we ourselves should be experiencing signs and wonders!

“We can live our entire lives being great people who do great things, but if we aren’t experiencing His presence and His power, we really never were living out His full potential for our lives.”

Being afraid of stepping out and getting everything He has for us, is no way to live. That may some times mean stepping out of our comfort zone and forgetting about what people may think. That may look like reckless abandonment. It requires having the mindset of “what ever it looks like Lord, I’m in”. You see, I believe in the Holy Spirit and miracles and His tangible presence! Not just the, “worship experience high” every Sunday, but the “I cant stand in His presence because it’s so powerful”!

Lives are radically changed by His presence and power. I have seen it countless times. When people are given a prophetic word, receive a miracle, or get their prayer language they are never the same. Signs and wonders are ultimately designed to produce a hunger that causes a response in us and others! They have a very unique purpose in bringing people to a place of fascination, contemplation, and decision. They are designed to demonstrate His greatness, His goodness, His glory, and His power ! The end-goal is for all to respond in surrender, worship, adoration, freedom and love.

How great are His signs,

And how mighty His wonders!

His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

And His dominion is from generation to generation.

Daniel 4:3

Do you ever ask yourself, “where are the signs and wonders I read about in the Bible or hear about in other countries? Or, why aren’t I experiencing more signs and wonders in my own life?”

We can’t simply wait around for signs and wonders to happen; but rather, we have to make something happen by actually becoming a sign and wonder to those around us. I can assure you that signs and wonders are happening all around us daily. We aren’t waiting on God, but rather, He is waiting on us to get up and GO! Trust me, you will find the miraculous in the going, the trusting, and the doing.

If I could leave you with anything to consider, consider going all in, no matter what it looks like. He is real, He loves us and wants to reveal Himself to us….and we all need it! Let’s all go for it! Lets live out our FULL potential and destiny, and have fun doing it!


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  1. YesAmber… speak life!! Reading “Secrets of the Secret Place” right now and I know that this longing, this earnest desire to be a sign and wonder has to come from my heart and be fueled by the desire to see lives touched and changed by His power and love.

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