Things I’m loving right now

This post may seem a bit random, but I felt like mixing things up and sharing some lifestyle type posts, because, well, there’s a whole lot more to me than spiritual posts. Being a Pastor’s wife and co-leading our church and being a momma and wife are my main passions for sure. But, after that are a ton of other likes and passions that I enjoy sharing too. So, you’ll be seeing posts from me about my life in general–from watercolor, to mom-life, plant care, remodel projects, party detail and who knows what else. I hope you enjoy 🙂

So, today I thought I’d share some of the things I’m loving right now! I’ll share the product and let you know why I love it. All titles connect you to the source if you’re interested and nothing I mention is a sponsored item. They are all things I’m truly just into right now and you just might be too…

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer


I cannot tell you how much I love this product. That’s why it gets to be number one. Months ago, my hair was starting to feel super dry and even crunchy for whatever reason. So, I went on a search for a product that would help soften without it feeling like I had product in my hair. I Apply this after I wash my hair at night and let it air dry (because I have kids and I don’t have time for blow drying :)) But, very, very rarely I get enough motivation to blow dry my hair after washing. I brush the product through and it never fails to leave my hair so soft and takes away the dry. It also smells great and works as body lotion too. I use it on my kid’s hair after swimming and it helps keep their hair soft and detangled as well.

Patricia Nash Purse:

I’m officially out of the baby phase which means I do not need to pack a suitcase every time we leave the house! I can now enjoy a real purse because I can get by with just my phone, credit cards, and ID!!! That is worth celebrating guys… It’s the little things. I also love that it is real leather which means it will last forever and ever amen.

Coldbrew + almond milk:


Maybe because our Coffee shop, Coffee Waves makes the best cold brew ever, and maybe because I’m kind of caffeine obsessed, but this is my go to coffee drink these days. Sometimes I mix it up and have an almond milk latte, but not often. Give me an iced, cold brew with a splash of almond milk and I’m a happy girl…and I like it as soon as I wake up too. If you truly love coffee, you’ll love it. Also, super low on calories—winning!

My herb garden:

I planted five different herbs in my back yard and I am loving the fact that I can go out and grab what I need at any time. I am also loving the process of drying or freezing them to preserve them, so that they don’t go to waste.


I juice for at least one meal a day lately which may seem crazy, but gosh it gives me so much energy. Here are a few of my favorite fruits and veggies to combine. If you look up all the health benefits of each of the veggies, turmeric, ground ginger, etc., they’ll surly convince you to give juicing a try!

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Bethel Kids Album: Bright ones

My kids have always loved the previous Bethel kids album, but we had kind of worn it to the ground. I for one, was ready to move on…thank goodness for this. They sing all the words and love the “Bright ones” song the most. Dance parties are a regular occurrence with this album and it’s so sweet hearing them sing truth.

And there you have it, what feels like the most random post I’ve ever posted. So, just what are you guys loving right now. Tell me all of the things!









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  1. Love it!! I think this post is fun! We lovveeee Bright Ones! I planted an herb garden on my porch and it is my cats favorite place to poop….not sure I’ll be using any of those herbs.

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