Zion’s Big Boy Bedroom

Slowly, but surely I am transitioning my son, Zion’s room from a nursery to a big boy room. I love the clean and simple look of his room! He does have a closet, where I store his shoes, dresser and other clothing hanging up such as jackets. For some reason with my daughter’s room it was super easy to decorate. But, with my son’s room I have had to think outside of the box and get a little more creative. I love how the shelving and hanging of his super cute clothing give so much character to this large blank wall.

The next step is to add some fun toys and A BIG BOY BED! This momma is just not ready to move on from the crib yet, but it will eventually happen. Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions! All sources are listed at the bottom.

Letter Z print

Wooden mountains

Triangle wall decals

Top ledge shelf & tent-Amazon

Bottom shelf -Hobby Lobby

Bookshelves-Ikea spice racks painted white

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